Careers With Wings Logo - how did life prepare you to discover your passion and purpose?

It is interesting, I see a lot of times with clients that the answer to their passion and purpose is right there inside of them just waiting to be discovered.   All they need to do is look deeper and more closely at their life’s journey and ask themselves questions such as:

  • How did what I learn from my parents shape me into who I am today?
  • What is it that I just do naturally that everyone compliments me on?
  • What challenges have I overcome and how can I use the lessons I learned from these challenges to help others?

Someone recently asked me how has life prepared me to do what I do?   Well there are many parts to that answer, but a key part is that I was explaining that I see myself as a bridge builder in so many ways because of how I grew up.   Interestingly I could not have grown up with two more opposite parents - my Dad as an electrical engineer and my Mom is who I call a high society hippie - from two different sides of a bridge. I feel that I am a piece of both of them and it helps me greatly as a career/life weaver. I understand and connect with all kinds of people and also connect people and bring people together because of how I grew up. From the engineering side, I see myself as a people engineer - people to me are interesting puzzles - I can help them engineer their passion and purpose by listening to their life story and weaving that into the pieces of their passion puzzle that they give me as I ask them a million questions about what they love. From my Mom, I learned the love of international adventure and appreciating all cultures and all walks of life and all people and a desire to always grow and learn and evolve as a person and learn from others. So I see myself as able to bridge diverse people, passions, cultures, interests from how I grew up and I am grateful for this - this has prepared me for what I do today as a career and life weaver.

I would love to hear your stories on how life has prepared you to discover your passion and purpose – you can reach me at


Marcy Morrison
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