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This transformational workshop, facilitated by Marcy Morrison and Natalie Vail L.Ac.,  is for anyone seeking more love, passion, and fulfillment in their lives.

Come receive in-depth information about how to positively utilize the power of your sacral chakra. Tap into the reservoir of energy inside of you and allow for full expression of your  creative self to manifest.

Natalie will detail the characteristics and influences of your Sacral chakra and how it affects your behavior and emotional reactions. She will also take the group through a unique meditational exercise to gently support the letting go of negative emotions, fears and disappointment from unmet expectations. By healing the energy of your sacral chakra, you will unblock yourself to receive full access to your divine creativity and passion for life.

After taking the journey with Natalie, Marcy will take you into creative, fun, and interactive exercises that will allow you to play to uncover your passion and purpose, so you can share your gifts and talents with the world and to your part to make this world a better place.  Also you will learn the steps to fall in love with you.  Leave your seriousness at the door and get ready to bring your inner child on.   That said if you have any favorite toys, activities, games that your inner child loves - feel free to bring and share.

About the Facilitators
Marcy Morrison is a Career and Life Weaver ( and Tinkerangel (  She has authored two books - "Finding Your Passion:  The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career" and "Falling in Love With Me:  A Personal Journey and a Guide to Falling in Love with You."

Natalie Vail an Acupuncturist, herbalist, ordained Spiritualist minister, Energy healer, feng shui consultant, and birth Doula. She owns & operates her own "one-stop"  healing practice, Soulistic Total Heal, located in the University Heights neighborhood of San Diego

COST: $88 / person.  Please RSVP to hold your space by emailing Marcy at


Marcy Morrison
1855 First Avenue, Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92101


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